如果你最近没有关注IT趋势的话, 关于您的数据及其保护,有一些事情您需要知道. 仅仅有几个备份资源是不够的. You need data recovery and data loss prevention experts like Tektonic to advise you on getting to that place of Total Data Protection.

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数据恢复和数据丢失预防 Experts Tektonic Can Get You to Full Data Protection Status

如果你最近没有关注IT趋势的话, 关于您的数据及其保护,有一些事情您需要知道. 仅仅有几个备份资源是不够的. You need data recovery and data loss prevention experts like Tektonic to advise you on getting to that place of Total Data Protection.

IT professionals are most commonly concerned about ransomware and mobility (BYOD policies), 根据最近的一项研究 StorageCraft调查.

Forty-two percent of IT professionals believe that ransomware is the technology that brings the most risk. Another 38 percent are concerned about mobility and BYOD policies, shows the survey. Hardware/system failure and human error are the most common causes of data loss, 根据民意调查. 继续阅读更多令人大开眼界的数据丢失统计数据.


在数据丢失调查中, IT pros said they dealt with a variety of issues that cause data loss in the business environment. 大多数(31%)表示,硬件或系统故障导致了数据丢失事件, 29%的数据丢失是由于人为失误. Another 29 percent mentioned that viruses, malware or ransomware led to data loss.

当被问及哪些设备最有可能出现故障并导致数据丢失时, IT专业人士说 笔记本电脑是罪魁祸首 (39%). 26%的人担心服务器,另有26%的人担心台式机. Only 4% were concerned about tablets and mobile devices failing and causing data loss.


被问及哪些技术会带来最大的数据丢失风险, IT专业人士是这样认为的:

  • 42%的人认为勒索软件带来的风险最大
  • 38%的人担心工作场所的流动性或自带设备政策
  • 9%的人担心社交媒体的使用




Data loss prevention (DLP) is a strategy for making sure that end users do not send sensitive or critical information outside the corporate network. 的 term is also used to describe software 产品 that help a network administrator control what data end users can transfer.

DLP软件产品使用 业务规则 to classify and protect confidential and critical information so that unauthorized end users cannot accidentally or maliciously share data whose disclosure could put the organization at risk. For example, if an employee tried to forward a business email outside the corporate  或者上传公司文件给消费者 云存储 服务 Dropbox,该员工将被拒绝许可.

DLP的采用是由 内部威胁 州和联邦政府也更加严格 隐私 法律,其中许多有严格的 数据保护 or 访问 组件. 除了能够监视和控制端点活动之外, some DLP tools can also be used to filter data streams on the corporate network and protect data in motion.

DLP产品也可称为 数据泄漏的预防信息丢失预防或 挤压预防 产品.

External threats to data are a major issue, 但 internal threats can be just as dangerous. Employees and other end users within an organization have the potential to compromise important information and 策略通过电子邮件.

Data recovery and data loss prevention (DLP) policies can be a key factor in helping Exchange admins fight internal threats. Exchange Server 2013 comes with a number of features that can assist admins in creating and 精炼DLP政策 具体到组织的需要.


DLP规则和策略可能很有用, 但 not communicating about a violation that needs to be investigated can render those policies useless. 当DLP政策违反发生时,报告 必须 so organizations are aware of what occurred and can take any necessary action — both of which are relatively simple to do in Exchange 2013.



No matter what your data or technology challenges are – we have the solutions to your problems with data recovery and data loss prevention strategies that constitute “the latest thing” in data loss prevention technology.

Tektonic不能100%保证我们能恢复你的数据, 但, we 100% guarantee we’ll try everything we know when attempting a successful data recovery of your business files, 客户电子表格, 电子邮件, 会计记录或者任何你需要恢复的文件.  

Tektonic技术支持团队 has numerous strategies for helping local companies recover from any sort of data loss and then put the proper “data loss prevention” solutions in place so it 从来没有 再发生.

你知道硬盘驱动器是你电脑中最脆弱的部件吗? 的 fragile nature of hard drives means that data loss is a fairly common occurrence; it has been estimated that 6% of computers experience some form of data loss every year! 由于数据丢失是如此普遍的问题, Tektonic has the tools and know-how to dig into your broken hard drive and retrieve your important information. Tektonic can perform this service on all types of hardware to recover your valuable data.


当您的计算机崩溃和数据丢失发生, 感觉你的整个世界都崩溃了. 当一种叫做盘片的小金属磁盘出现时,硬盘就会崩溃, which have data stored on them and spin at thousands of revolutions per minute, 突然停了下来. A hard drive crash may happen because something as small as dust found its way inside the casing, or maybe the machine was dropped and the delicate balance of the platters was thrown off, 或者也许你硬盘里的小部件已经磨损了.

不管是什么原因导致你的硬盘崩溃, 虽然, 我们有所有的工具来成功恢复您的数据.

我们不仅能从你损坏的硬盘上恢复数据, 但我们也可以从可移动磁介质中检索数据, 闪存盘, 以及其他数据存储设备. We can retrieve data from a drive running on any operating system like Microsoft Windows, 苹果操作系统, Linux, DOS, VMWare, Novell, 并选择UNIX接口, 我们还可以支持多种型号的硬盘驱动器,如EIDE, IDE, SAS萨塔, 和SCSI.


Tektonic是其中之一 多伦多领先的Datto合作伙伴 这意味着我们知道我们在谈论什么(做什么). 我们帮助了很多人 多伦多 businesses recover from a simple data deletion caused by human error to a catastrophic data loss disaster.  我们都看过了.

的 best solution to data loss is to be prepared with a Backup and Disaster Recovery solution.

Tektonic 能从损坏的硬盘中恢复数据吗, 从我们的BDR解决方案中恢复数据更容易. Tektonic’s Backup and Disaster Recover tool will automatically back up your company’s valuable data to a secure offsite data center, 我们将为您管理BDR解决方案,作为我们的一部分 IT服务管理.

这意味着您是否在备份数据, 或者发生灾难,需要恢复丢失的数据, you don’t have to panic or even do anything because Tektonic will take care of everything for you with our comprehensive backup and data recovery solution.

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